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Not all shoulder rests are created equal.

Traditional wave (Kun) style shoulder rests have been the industry standard for decades, but they don't work for everyone. I noticed that as I play, my violin tends to slide forward down my chest. I thought that maybe if my shoulder rest wrapped over my shoulder a bit farther it might help. So I designed the hook style shoulder rests for my electric violins. Shortly thereafter I began helping one of my customers with a similar issue, and ended up developing the boomerang style. It wraps over the shoulder and across the chest for stability and comfort. I have adapted this style to be used with traditional (acoustic) violins.


The original design has limited adjustment possibilities. It also adds considerable overall depth. A second generation design provides greater adjustability.

1st gen.



2nd gen.




Available for 3/4 -4/4 violins and 15"-16" violas






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