One Maker. One Violin at a Time.

Don't confuse these violins with the typical factory made ones. These are genuine hand carved works of art, made by an actual violin maker. As such, each violin has subtle differences; some purposed, some not. Different woods, of different densities, slight differences in thickness and profile, all contribute not only to unique physical characteristics, but also to unique tonal properties.

The beauty of wood.

I have always loved working with wood. It is one of the most versatile and useful renewable resources on this planet, not to mention it's intrinsic beauty. It has been my intent to let the beauty of the wood shine through as one of the prime features of each instrument. To that end, each instrument is finished with a satin clear coat. Of course if you feel that you would rather have some type of a colored finish, I'm sure that I can accommodate your preference.

Why buy a handmade electric?


Some electric violins attempt to retain traditional profiling, while others abandon it all together. My violins are a balance of traditional and modern design, retaining the profile of the lower bout as well as graceful arching. The pegbox retains some of the characteristics of a traditional violin, but the scroll has been dropped for a more modern look and to reduce weight.


Construction techniques and materials have a profound effect on sound, even in solid body instruments. Harder woods such as maple and cherry have a brighter tone, whereas softer woods like butternut will have a darker one. This allows you to choose a violin that will have tonal properties which suit your playing style and preference. Likely the profiling has an influence as well, and I am continuing to experiment in this area.


As indicated above, these violins are available in a variety of wood species. I am currently working with maple, black cherry, black walnut and butternut. Other species can be requested as a special order.

Also available in either four or five string models.

Other Features.

Due to the very thin body design, these violins must be used with a shoulder rest. Originally I designed the lower bout to accommodate a standard clip on shoulder rest. However, this proved to be problematic because the edge is horizontally curved. This has been remedied by designing a custom shoulder rest which attaches to the underside of the violin by means of a threaded insert. This design has proved to be much more stable and can be custom fitted if need be. As an added bonus, it is made from the same  wood as the rest of the violin which complements it's beauty.

A custom fitted ebony tailpiece uses standard violin string adjusters to provide fine tuning for all strings.



Nightingale Custom Electric violins feature a passive pickup system. A piezo rod style pickup is located beneath the bridge.
Volume and tone controls provide onboard control easily within reach of left hand fingers as you play.
The 1/4 inch output jack is underneath facing forward, which allows the cable to be routed over the shoulder rest or even over your shoulder and out of the way.

Rather than using a removable cover to gain access to the electronics, my violins use a removable fingerboard.
Simply loosen the strings, then slide the fingerboard toward the pegbox. 

Standard pickup/bridge configuration.

A Barbera transducer bridge is also available as an optional pickup system.


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