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The P Series was designed around simpler construction techniques to expedite production. Uniform body thickness reduces the amount of hand carving. Forward electronics mean that there is no need for a removable fingerboard. Guitar style tuners simplify the headstock and eliminate the need for fine tuners. These are still handmade instruments, but most of the work is done in the woodshop rather than on the violin bench.





  Finish options


Satin clearcoat. Works well on woods with a nice grain.

solid color

Available in pretty much any color you can think of.

wash finish

Almost a solid color, but allows some grain to show.


Dyed main color with black shaded perimeter.

P Series violins will accept a standard clip on shoulder rest,

or any of the C series shoulder rests



Pickups and Electronics

Standard pickup for the P series is a single element piezo installed in the bridge. A dual element is available as an upgrade. It provides a greater signal output and improved tone.

P series violins feature passive electronics with an onboard volume and tone control.


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