My Story.

Woodworking and music have always been close to my heart. So it seemed only natural that at only 15 years old I began making stringed instruments. My first instruments were mountain dulcimers, then later, violins. I first opened a small violin shop in rural Alaska, then another when I returned home to upstate New York. Most of my business is repair work and student instrument sales, but lately I have been focusing on returning to violin making.

Handmade Violins, each one Unique.

No two pieces of wood are exactly alike. No two violins are exactly alike. Every instrument is a unique blend of the wood chosen, and the way it is  constructed. Even within the strict parameters of traditional violin construction, there is still room for individuality. Add to that the fact that even instruments which look very similar may sound very different. Handmade violins provide the opportunity to own an instrument which has rare beauty, as well as excellent tonal qualities.

If a handmade instrument is not really what you are looking for, Visit the Nightingale's Violin Shop website to see my selection of new and used factory made instruments.

Some of my Work.

Nightingale Violins

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